Mechanism of Action

ERLEADA® is an androgen receptor (AR) inhibitor indicated to treat non-metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer (CRPC)1

ERLEADA® inhibits AR signaling at multiple sites of action1:

  • Binds directly to the ligand-binding domain of the AR
  • Inhibits AR nuclear translocation
  • Inhibits DNA binding
  • Impedes AR-mediated transcription

In preclinical and phase 1 studies*:

*Clinical significance is unknown.

ERLEADA® demonstrated a high tumor-to-plasma ratio in a preclinical mouse xenograft model of prostate cancer2

ERLEADA® retained antagonistic activity in the setting of AR overexpression in a preclinical binding affinity assay using human prostate cancer cells2

Dose escalation of ERLEADA® to 480 mg/day (twice the approved daily dose) did not identify a maximum-tolerated dose in a phase 1 study of 30 patients with progressive, metastatic CRPC3


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