The longer life your patients with mCSPC or nmCRPC want may still be possible—with ERLEADA®

*Patients receiving ERLEADA® should also receive a GnRH analog concurrently or should have had bilateral orchiectomy.1

†ERLEADA® is a second-generation androgen receptor inhibitor.4

GnRH = gonadotropin-releasing hormone; HRQoL = health-related quality of life; mCSPC = metastatic castration-sensitive prostate cancer; nmCRPC, non-metastaticcastration-resistant prostate cancer; OS = overall survival; PSA = prostate-specific antigen.


  • Financial Assistance: Education and resources that may be able to help your patients save on potential out-of-pocket medication costs

  • Medication & Disease Education: Help patients gain a better understanding of their disease, their current treatment, and how to have meaningful conversations with loved ones and their care team during upcoming visits

  • Practical Needs & General Well-Being: Learn lifestyle and coping skills to help manage stress and get connected to the resources your patients need, including support groups and transportation assistance


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