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*Within 2% of actual access.

†This percentage may not represent 100% of formulary lives due to data limitations.

1. Managed Markets Insights and Technology (MMIT), March 2023.

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Janssen Compass® is a free, personalized patient support program that can help your patients get started with their treatment and stay on track. Look to Janssen Compass® to help them navigate cost support options, as well as one-on-one guidance in learning about educational resources they need to feel confident on their Janssen therapy.

Janssen Compass® Care Navigators offer education support in the following areas:


Cost & Access: We can help patients who qualify identify potential ways to afford their medication. We provide them with savings options, can sign them up for the Janssen savings program, and, for Medicare Part D patients, we’ll check to see if they’re eligible for the Extra Help program and guide them through the application process.


Learning About Their Treatment: A Janssen Compass® Care Navigator will support and guide your patients as they start and continue treatment by providing ongoing education about their Janssen therapy


Support the Whole Way: While on their Janssen therapy, patients can work with their Janssen Compass® Care Navigator to discover tips, strategies, and resources for caring for themselves during treatment, help set goals for living with cancer, and connect with advocacy groups and a wider community of support.


Janssen Compass® Care Navigators are a phone call away.

As part of the program, Janssen Compass® Care Navigators are ready to answer your patients’ questions.

844-NAV-1234 (844-628-1234), Monday through Friday, 8:30 AM-8:30 PM ET.

reimbursement & access guide

Reimbursement & Access Guide

Get information on how to access ERLEADA®, coding, and payer-approval processes


Prior Authorization Checklist

Helpful reminders and tips when completing prior authorization for your patients


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